Water Cutoff

One customer called worried about losing his pond after investigating we found the levee leaking. We identified the area leaking and deep injected our polyurethane resins through 1/2 pipe at a depth of 8,6,and 4.

As you can see in the video we were successful in sealing the leak. After we sealed the leak we deep injected our resins in the entire levee at the same 8,6, and 4 depths to compact and stabilize it.

Here' s a time lapse video. The leak can be seen pushing out of this weep hole that is installed in construction to allow ground water behind the concrete liner to drain but due to weak soils in this area the pond was leaking out a fast pace. You can see the water starts to turn colors ( that's some of the resin and soil flowing with it) then it stops due to the expansion of our resins tightening up the week soils.